creator of the device


The team of scientists based in Kyiv who have developed the “KSD” spectral dynamic complex is headed by one of the most experienced surgeons of Ukraine, professor Vasyl Vsevolodovych Diachenko, a doctor who has worked in the O.O. Shalimov Kyiv National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology for near 40 years since its establishment.

Vasyl Vsevolodovych was born in 1947. His father was a feldsher (physician assistant) in the village who had hard time being obliged to work as a therapist, cardiologist, gynecologist, surgeon and dentist. Probably it was his father`s occupation that cultivated in Vasyl Vsevolodovych his love of people, hope in his own abilities and wish to help everyone in need. But before becoming a doctor Vasyl Vsevolodovych was a steel fixer, served in the army, studied in the S.M. Kirov Leningrad Military Medical Academy and O.O. Bogomolets Kyiv Medical Institute from which he graduated in 1974.

In 1979 Vasyl Vsevolodovych defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Medical Science. However, he became a Doctor of Medical Science only in 2003 as he considered that a holder of such a degree had to be a surgeon able to solve any surgical issues by himself. Vasyl Vsevolodovych is a professor since 2005. In 1993 he was one of the first surgeons in Ukraine who mastered and introduced the technique of laparoscopic surgery. He performed more than 3 000 laparoscopic interventions in the abdominal organs by himself and together with Borys Todurov (a famous cardiac surgeon) performed thoracoscopic clipping of the ductus arteriosus in children.

The idea of a device which can diagnose, treat and examine the result of treatment appeared in 1994. At that time Vasyl Vsevolodovych created a group of enthusiasts, and together they at first developed a prototype and then a SDC device. The device is designed to help experienced doctors to perform diagnostics and treat various diseases of organs of gastrointestinal tract, pulmonological, gynecological, andrological, cardiological, neurological diseases, diseases of endocrine system, ENT organs, allergic manifestations, etc. With the help of the device it would be easier to select medicines (this applies to homeopathic preparations and Heel products, biologically active food additives) which are optimal for the specific patient.