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Дяченко В. В. Киевский Национальный институт хирургии и трансплантологии АМН Украины им. А. А. Шалимова Киев, Украина

We are often asked: “Why is your device so expensive?”

To answer the question in full, let`s look at the following components of its price.

How much does the IDEA cost? When you go to the websites offering to buy copyrights for know-how, invention or utility model (not to speak of industrial designs), they will show you the price in euros with five or even six zeros. That is … the right of ownership of the IDEA within the territory of a country costs millions of euros. And nobody will provide any guarantees that the IDEA will lead to a ready product (industrial design) and it will be popular at the market.
How much does it cost to IMPLEMENT the idea? The big car manufacturers often provide the media with the information that such or such sum will be spent for the implementation of upgrading of such and such model. This sum is often stated in millions of dollars. However, we won`t compare ourselves with big car manufacturers. We will just agree that IMPROVEMENT and DESIGN UPGRADING cost a lot. And how much do you think creating “from a scratch” will cost?
How much does the WORK cost? You need to involve a lot of different specialists to implement any project. The better the specialist the better work he will do and the more expensive his work will be. How much do you think costs the 10-year work of a group of professors and MDs (apart from dozens of employees having no scientific titles)?
How much does the spectrum DATABASE cost? You need to create a special device, a special program and teach the employees to write down and enter the data in the database to set up such spectrum database. The spectrums were mainly registered in laboratories. The spectrum database includes more than 15.5 thousand spectrums and it isn`t difficult to calculate the cost of registration of a spectrum.
How much does it cost to REGISTER AND LEGALIZE a medical device?
As a result, you will have a unique device with the help of which it would be possible to solve a lot of health problems rapidly and efficiently. A device which has been working for more than 10 years, which has proved its multifold possibilities and which has cured tens of thousands of people during these 10 years. One can say from the outside that a computer with some device cannot cost so much.

“KSD” is a combination of experience of a lot of specialists: doctors, programmers, biologists, lawyers, technicians, physicists, and many others.

The device has received 1 Russian, 1 Belorussian and 4 Ukrainian patents, 3 copyright certificates.

The device is registered as a medical diagnostic device in Ukraine and Russia.

A great future is reserved for this device. It is a future for healthy people.