Treatment of allergic manifestations and bronchial asthma

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The unique nature of the SDС device should be taken into account for the treatment of allergic manifestations, as it allows not only to detect allergens, but also to neutralize them. If during the first sessions we detect several dozen allergens, then in the future their number decreases significantly, leaving at the end some of the most significant, on which we focus our attention.

Thus, at the first stage, we eliminate the external irritant (allergen), which can manifest itself as a household allergen, food, allopathic drug, etc.

The next step is to activate the excretory organs: kidneys and liver.

Removing the intoxication of the body, we stabilize the background, at the level of which the whole process of allergy occurs. Therefore, increased urination is possible because of the activation of kidneys and stabilization of their functions due to the normalization of the nephron.

The liver, and the normal functions of all its structures, are significant underlying causes in the normalization and stabilization of the whole organism. It is very important to remove, and in some cases on the contrary, to activate the histological structures of the organs that support the entire allergic process. This includes the elimination of those gaps that form on the walls of the vessels, as a result of implantation on the endothelium of the vessels of the antigen-antibody complex. By reducing the production of antibodies by plasma cells, we reduce the severity of autoimmune processes, stabilizing the mast cells that produce histamine, we reduce autoallergic processes by separating the red blood cells, which are connected by cytoplasmic bridges and stabilizing echinocytes, and we remove microcirculatory disturbances. By stabilizing peripheral elements (macrophages, lymphocytes, leukocytes, etc.), we activate the response of peripheral blood to the allergen, enhancing phagocytosis. We remove stasis of lymph, reduce dysplasia and ataxia of the thymus gland. We stabilize the reticuloendothelial system, normalize the vegetative manifestations of the gastrointestinal tract due to the normalization of the mucous membranes of the stomach, the small and large intestine, improve the work of Peyer’s patches, stabilize the connective tissue (its loose structures), normalize the conducting system in the neurovascular bundle, the nerve itself by improving the conductivity of the conductor itself and restoring the myelin layer of the nerve fiber. It is important to detoxify the body by removing all intoxication manifestations in the organs, as well as the mesenchyme, at all its layers. Against the background of detoxification, we perform an improvement in microcirculation according to the generally accepted method. Given that the allergic reaction leads to the loss of many microelements, we compensate their lack by creating the resonance.

In many cases we stabilize the ENT conditions (rhinitis, mucosal edema, inflammatory processes in membranes, inflammation of lymphoid tissue). But more often the consequences of a prolonged allergy are manifested by degenerative changes in many organs which should be eliminated. If there are skin conditions, it is necessary to remove all the histological manifestations of allergy represented by pustules, expressions, dermis dysfunctions, wounds having different degrees of maturation and perform their stabilization by using the resonance.

An allergic reaction may manifest itself at the level of pathology of the organs of the bronchopulmonary system. Therefore, working with them at different levels brings positive results. An important factor is working with endocrine organs by stabilizing their functions along the entire vertical line of subordination.

This approach allows you to cope with many allergic manifestations in both adults and children. Particularly indicative cases are those related to treatment of solar allergy combined with bathing in sea water. Literally within an hour of such a treatment all the manifestations of photodermatosis are gone without the use of any medications.

We combine the treatment of bronchial asthma with the elimination of etiological factors. In 93% of cases asthmatic manifestations are accompanied by fungal and viral infection. Given the fact that antibiotic therapy only leads to increased fungal infestation, and antibiotics have no impact on viruses at all, the reason for failure in the treatment of bronchial asthma by traditional methods becomes understandable. Asthma, treated with hormones, practically does not respond to treatment. Therefore, patients who are currently taking hormonal drugs in order to remove allergic seizures, treatment using the “KSD” device is not recommended. Please contact us in order to stop taking hormonal drugs under our control and only then to carry out systemic treatment.

People of different age categories and different periods of illness can be treated. The situation is worse for those people who have the main illness accompanied by the concomitant one (heart failure, emphysema, manifestations of liver diseases, etc.). The course of treatment in these patients is somewhat longer.