offers and terms of cooperation

The Spectral Dynamic Complex (“KSD”) is the newest method of health diagnostics, recovery and maintenance. It allows to get information about early changes in the system of self-regulation of the human body, psychosomatic interrelations and risk factors.

The “KSD” allows to get a holistic view of the patient`s current health condition, including an analysis of possible causes of disease development, as well as a reliable review of the processes the development of which may lead to problems in the future and correct them in time.


We invite medical centers, private clinics, private practice doctors, sanatoriums, recreation centers, polyclinics for cooperation.


Renting of "KSD" device

Advantages of the program:

  • You have an opportunity to see in practice all the advantages of the device
  • You will be able to use the device for a nominal fee for the first month
  • Weekly payment starting from the second month of using the device

Hire-purchase of "KSD" device

Advantages of the program:

  • The first installment is much lower than the full price of the device
  • Three options of monthly payments
  • Free training

Purchase of "KSD" device (lump sum payment)

Advantages of the program:

  • Obtaining of the right of ownership immediately after the payment
  • Possible discount
  • Free updating of databases during the year

Mandatory conditions

  1. The lessee must have a license of the Ministry of Health for carrying out of medical practice (if the device will be used in medical institutions)
  2. The device should be stationary (at one address which has to be indicated at the official website)
  3. Operator has to pass a training program for using the equipment изменить на  Operator has to be trained


The “KSD” provides for a fundamentally new system of retrieval of information on the condition of electromagnetic field of a living organism or a non-biological object. The information is recorded passively, which allows for analysis of a natural background of a cell (organ, organism as a whole, any inanimate object).

At the polyclinics

"KSD" will ensure
  • reduction of the terms of medical examination.
  • improvement of quality of treatment.
  • detection of latent pathologies.
  • diagnostics of difficult cases without hospitalization.
  • efficient secondary prevention of diseases for patients of dispensaries.
  • primary prevention of diseases on the basis of risk detection.
  • timely referral for consultations to specialized doctors.
  • reduction of the volume of laboratory examinations.
  • diagnostical support for the work of day hospitals and home care.

At the hospital

"KSD" will ensure
  • reduction of the terms of examination.
  • operative etiological diagnostics.
  • individual optimization of comprehensive therapy.
  • diagnostics of difficult cases.
  • identification of concomitant diseases.
  • reduction of the terms of hospitalization.
  • detection of latent pathologies.
  • timely consultations of specialized doctors.
  • increase of effectiveness of intensive therapy.

At health centers, sanatoriums, health and recreation resorts

"KSD" will ensure
  • fast comprehensive health diagnostics.
  • development of individual recreational preventive programs for the period of staying at sanatoriums.
  • individual optimization of comprehensive therapy.
  • detection of latent pathologies.
  • improvement of quality of treatment.
  • control diagnostics at the end of sanitarium period.
  • development of individual recreational preventive programs after the period of staying at sanatoriums.
  • diagnostical support to vacationers in the regime of universal diagnostics.

In the field of emergency medicine directly in the accident cluster

"KSD" will ensure
  • fast sorting according to severity of injuries.
  • effective prescriptions of medicines as part of the process of sorting of injured.
  • beginning of comprehensive therapy directly in the accident cluster.
  • screening of the possible infectious damage.
  • screening of the possible toxic damage.
  • operative diagnostics of psychological condition and psychiatric rehabilitation.
  • operative diagnostics of immune system condition and immediate immune system rehabilitation.

In sports medicine in the following fields

the "KSD" may be used
  • express diagnostics of the condition of athletes in field environment;
  • comprehensive diagnostics of health of athletes;
  • screening examinations for selection of athletes;
  • express diagnostics for medical commissions;
  • individual preventive programs for athletes;
  • relief of acute conditions in field environment (shock, pain syndrome, traumatic syndromes and hematomas, poisoning, burns, cold, fatigue, etc.);
  • comprehensive medical support during training;
  • individual medical preparation of athletes for competitions;
  • pre-contest measures to improve sports results;
  • optimization of post-contest rehabilitation.

Application for cooperation