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Dear Vasyl Vsevolodovych. Thank you a lot for your help to my relatives in overcoming their health problems. As it happens, I saw information about the SDC method in the newspaper and I decided to help my son-in-law who was undergoing a long and tiresome treatment after the injury. Even my own sister Tatyana decided to try a course of treatment. And the results were obvious – no more health problems. My last name is Lehkodukh, my son-in-law`s name is Holubnychy Dima and my sister`s name is Hanzha Tetyana. We all are very grateful for the provided assistance and very happy that there are such Healers in Ukraine. GOD grant you good health!

Lehkodukh Leonid
Letter of gratitude

GOD grant longevity, beauty and health to a super doctor –
Avtukhova Olena Oleksandrivna!!!

Bilous Viktor
Letter of gratitude

Thank you a lot for helping me!!!!

Kuzmenko Mariia Romanivna
Letter of gratitude

I have been working with spectral dynamic technology since 2007 and with a “KSD” device since 2012. It is a single device which helps to examine not only the physiology of the organism, but also the psychological side of the person. This device allows to distinguish psychosomatic disorders from physiological pathologies, as well as to influence the body in complex, including emotions of the person. It allows to provide painless and harmless correction of operation of internal organs and systems without any side effects, it works well with gastrointestinal tract, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

Yevmiasheva Zhanna Valentynivna

I consider this method exceptionally valuable as part of an integrated approach to diagnostics for the prevention and treatment of all organs and tissues of the human body, paying special attention to various individual disease causative agents: viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, helminths.
For me as a practicing doctor nowadays the time for diagnosing and finding out of the true cause of the disease is of uttermost importance. “KSD” allows to significantly reduce not only the time, but also financial expenses of patients for expensive medical analysis, patient work-up by the way of guessing, as well as to forget unsafe, expensive and often useless medicines.

Avtukhova Olena Oleksandrivna

I consider it my duty to share my impressions about using the “KSD” device.
I found out about the “KSD” from newspapers, as many people did, before practicing doctors visited our city. Before registering I used the Internet and apart from the official information I found two kinds of feedback there: tearful gratitude and “they try to fool the retired persons again to get their last money”. On the other hand, I understood that the money for the treatment won`t go to any John Doe, but to a person who will be responsible for it.
So, here is my feedback about the “KSD” device.
It allows to perform precise, detailed diagnostics of all the human body.
The “KSD” helps to identify what vitamins your body lacks, what organs are damaged and to what extent, what are the injured tissues, what diseases your organs suffered from or suffer from and how much they are injured; if you have any problems with joints, blood vessels, blood pressure, skin, viruses, parasites. Even if it is “one wart” and a person for 12 years wanted to check if it is a mole or it should be removed – the “KSD” will help you. Almost everything I heard was just a confirmation for me, as I am constantly under care of doctors and every year I go for checkups. It is true that I have never got such a detailed picture. So, it isn`t only “because someone said it”.
And now the question goes: How many examinations, money, worrying, visits to a doctor and then medicines do you need to find out why you a side ache? You need a lot of that, so you don`t even start going under treatment until you feel much worse.
2. What doctor will be able to name the reason of your illness? The doctors often even write the diagnosis and the prescription wordlessly and in an illegible handwriting.
For example, I am 34 now. 3 months ago, I started feeling high blood pressure and a headache. What do you think is the reason? Hmm, my mother has hypertension for 40 years; I take a lot of medicines; the hormones may be the reason. All in all, it seemed that the reasons were obvious… However, it appeared that I had an uncomfortable pillow. So, I started using an orthopedic pillow and now I have no symptoms at all for two weeks!
3. The treatment starts immediately, BUT if something cannot be treated using the “KSD”, the doctor will tell you that at once and explain the reason of it! The doctor will tell you what medicines (pharmaceutical medicines) would be better for you. The doctor recommends to drink a lot of water and white charcoal after the visit. Nobody promises any miracles here. Difficult diagnoses are treated during several visits, in some cases a special preparation for treatment is needed (for example, not using the hormones), some diagnoses cannot be treated.
4. After the visit to a doctor you feel like a room after spring cleaning! You are cleaned from viruses, mycoses; your immune and all the other systems are revitalized; your body is taught to absorb all the necessary substances and vitamins. I wish I knew it before! It is true that sound doubts didn`t allow me to fully enjoy the feeling of lightness, purity and hope. At home I watched attentively films about “KSD” and its creators, read the relevant articles. The symptoms started disappearing regularly, my hopes were strengthened by scientific basis of the “KSD” and the fact that it isn`t some miracle.
5.Results: in two days I had no more herpes on nasal mucous membrane after 2 years of illness (I felt it every day!). There was no more candidiasis from which I suffered for a long time. I had no more pain in uterine appendages, no more heaviness in the stomach, no more headache. I have normal poop, normal blood pressure. I don`t feel sleepy throughout the day anymore. There is no more allergic reaction under eyes and there is no more numbness in my big toes. But more is waiting ahead.
6. Conclusion. Annual preventive medical examination of each member of your family to professor Diachenko will allow to substantially save your family budget, and most importantly your health and nerves.
That is my feedback about the “KSD”.
P.S. I know that a lot of people search for a solution as I did, they try and they are afraid to believe and be disappointed once more. Even more people suffer, they “don`t bother” and then they regret and rush around. That`s why I am writing it. I will tell you more about my future experience in case it will help someone.
Good luck!
I wish Vasyl Vsevolodovych to be successful and healthy!


I know Vasyl Vsevolodovych for 10 years now. It was he, Vasyl Vsevolodovych, who helped to solve health problems of all my family. I thank God that there is such a person and a doctor as Vasyl Vsevolodovych. God grant him health and benediction to cure people. All my family has the greatest respect and gratitude to him. We love you a lot.

Thank you a lot for everything!!!!!!!!!

Smetannikova Olena Vasylivna
Letter of gratitude

It was in 2004 that I met Vasyl Vsevolodovych. Thank you for saving my life! As it happened, I got his phone number, called Vasyl Vsevolodovych and told him that I had been having a temperature of 39.5o for 2 weeks. I had a swelling under my right arm and it hurt a lot. During my first visit he reduced a fever to 37o and after the second visit the swelling of lymph nodes was gone. My physician didn`t believe me and told me that a 36-year old woman with the same diagnosis died at her health locality.
Of all the doctors I will always visit only YOU, Vasyl Vsevolodovych

Romanenko Viktoriia

Thank God there is Vasyl Vsevolodovych who really wants to help people to fight their diseases. The doctor, Vasyl Vsevolodovych, treats people with big respect and patience… The God provides the doctor with the wisdom in diagnostics and treatment of patients, I felt it myself. From the very first time I was given help that no doctor in Rivne was able to provide me in the matter of treating my spine and more. The method of treatment invented by Vasyl Vsevolodovych is in fact a great piece of his life`s work. Thank God that there are doctors who want to help people. Vasyl Vsevolodovych, I thank you from all my heart for the health you returned to me. Rivne.

Kravchenko Liudmyla
Letter of gratitude

I am extremely grateful to Vasyl Vsevolodovych for his patience to our problems and solving of our health issues due to the method invented by him. He cures our illnesses, Thank you a lot and deepest gratitude from my children and grandchildren to you, Vasyl Vsevolodovych!

Protsuk Nataliia Ivanivna
Letter of gratitude

I want to express my gratitude and uttermost respect to Vasyl Vsevolodovych!!!
Thank you for your method of treatment and its wonderful results!
You really do wonders!

Rybalchenko Maryna
Letter of gratitude

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