Does the "KSD" treat all the diseases?

No. The “KSD” isn`t a magic pill against all diseases. The “KSD” doesn`t treat and diagnose oncological diseases, diabetes, arthritis, advanced stages of any diseases. Before starting the diagnostics, the doctor has to survey the patient and get acquainted with the results of analyses.

How many students of professor Diachenko are there in Ukraine?

As for now there are the following students who passed full training and who can competently use the device:
• Zubrytska Viktoriia Volodymyrivna (Kyiv)
• Tarakanova Iryna Henadiivna (Sevastopol)
• Uliashov Oleksandr Mykhailovytch (Kharkiv)
• Avtukhova Olena Oleksandrivna (Kharkiv)
• Posokhov Mykola Fedorovych (Kharkiv)
• Kovalenko Iryna Viktorivna (Luhansk)
• Baiko Orest Petrovych (Lviv)
• Yevmiasheva Zhanna Valentynivna (Odesa)
• Kovalova Tetyana Volodymyrivna (Kyiv)
• Dolhopol Vira Ivanivna (Kyiv)

How long does the "KSD" session take?

The full session takes from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the disease. The session includes diagnostics, treatment and consultation.

When is it necessary to repeat the session?

The most effective next session will be the one performed in 5-7 days after the previous one.

How much does the diagnostics cost?

The “KSD” session includes diagnostics, consultation at the doctor`s and treatment. To specify the price of the session, please, call our official offices. You can find their addresses and telephones at the “Contacts” session on our website.

I don't live in Ukraine How can I buy the "KSD"?

You need to contact our Development and Sales Department by sending a letter via the application at our website or calling our office to agree the terms of sale, pass the training, pay and take your device.

Can I buy the "KSD" device?

Yes, you can buy the “KSD” device.

How can I purchase the "KSD" device?

To purchase the “KSD” device you need to contact the Development and Sales Department by sending a letter via the application at our website or calling our office.

What are the options for purchasing the "KSD" device?

You can find all the current options for purchasing the “KSD” device at the “Partnership” section of our website.

Where can I purchase the "KSD" device?

You can purchase the “KSD” device only in Kyiv.

How much does the "KSD" device cost?

The price of the “KSD” device may change, so in order to find out its current price, please, contact our Development and Sales Department.