The Spectral Dynamic Complex

About "KSD"

 Today health philosophy, laid out in the statement that “all people are the same, and therefore all general recommendations for having a healthy lifestyle, avoiding risk factors and proper nutrition are the same for everyone”, has transformed into a substantially new philosophical approach. The latter is based on a fair statement that each organism has its own characteristics, and therefore, illness prevention and health counseling should be based on comprehensive, individual and detailed diagnostics.

 Recently the possibilities of such diagnostics (and especially treatment) were very limited for the doctor and far more limited to the patient. However, thanks to the technological progress this problem is already in the past. Thus, modern equipment of the third-generation wave diagnostics allows to solve many problems of health diagnostics easily and accurately. At the same time, these problems are solved promptness, which is often the decisive factor in further successfully operated therapy. Such modern diagnostics can be provided using the Spectral Dynamic Complex.

 This method of diagnostics has been successfully applied in post-Soviet countries such as Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. The distinctive feature of this diagnostics, which differs it from other computer systems used in medical practice, is that the diagnostics of the functional state of organs and pathological processes is carried out by removing and analyzing the characteristics of the total oscillatory processes in the cells of the tested objects. Then the differentiation of positive and negative phenomena and their causes is carried out by digital means. The process of diagnostics is based on the comparison of the characteristics of the waves spectra of pathological processes with the primary autospectrum.

 The “KSD” allows you to accurately assess the status of all vital organs of the patient and timely diagnose even hidden pathological, including inflammatory, degenerative and toxic processes. Moreover, the “KSD” allows to provide an individual approach to the selection of therapeutic and prophylactic treatment. There are far more possibilities of using this unique equipment.

with the "KSD"


Medical diagnostics and preventive examination on the basis of the “KSD” can be carried out in the following areas:

Organ and tissue diagnostics

  • Bronchopulmonary system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • ENT organs
  • Female genitourinary system
  • Male genitourinary system
  • Nervous system
  • Osteoarticular system


Selection of individually effective treatment

  • Allopathic medicines
  • Vitamins and microelements
  • Homeopathic medicines
  • Physiotherapeutic methods
  • Heel medicines and other isopathic agents
  • Mineral waters and other drinks

Etiological diagnostics

  • Viruses
  • Toxins
  • Bacteria
  • Dysbacteriosis
  • Parasitic fungi

System diagnostics

  • Endocrine system
  • Immune system
  • Anabolic processes
  • Mental status
  • Catabolic processes

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  • Dear Vasyl Vsevolodovych. Thank you a lot for your help to my relatives in overcoming their health problems. As it happens, I saw information about the “KSD” method in the newspaper and I decided to help my son-in-law who was undergoing a long and tiresome treatment after the injury. Even my own sister Tatyana decided to try a course of treatment. And the results were obvious – no more health problems. My last name is Lehkodukh, my son-in-law`s name is Holubnychy Dima and my sister`s name is Hanzha Tetyana. We all are very grateful for the provided assistance and very happy that there are such Healers in Ukraine. GOD grant you good health!

    Lehkodukh Leonid
  • I have been working with spectral dynamic technology since 2007 and with a “KSD” device since 2012. It is a single device which helps to examine not only the physiology of the organism, but also the psychological side of the person. This device allows to distinguish psychosomatic disorders from physiological pathologies, as well as to influence the body in complex, including emotions of the person. It allows to provide painless and harmless correction of operation of internal organs and systems without any side effects, it works well with gastrointestinal tract, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

    Yevmiasheva Zhanna Valentynivna
  • I know Vasyl Vsevolodovych for 10 years now. It was he, Vasyl Vsevolodovych, who helped to solve health problems of all my family. I thank God that there is such a person and a doctor as Vasyl Vsevolodovych. God grant him health and benediction to cure people. All my family has the greatest respect and gratitude to him. We love you a lot.
    Thank you a lot for everything!!!!!!!!!

using the "KSD"


The basis for such treatment is the connection of the points of correspondence of a hand with internal organs and systems of a person. The diagnostics is performed as follows: the patient takes a sensor into his hand, and the doctor uses the “KSD” to record the resulting wave components of the interaction of the biological field of the person with the external environment.

It is known that various organs and systems of the body are associated with certain areas of the skin of the hand, which are called the areas of conformity. If any slightest deviations in the systems of the body appear, the information on such changes is transferred to these areas via meridian bonds. Such changes may be registered even at the stage of functional disorders in the organs – long before the appearance of changes in the organs.

Such a reaction in the areas of conformity manifests itself in the form of a change in the physical characteristics of their electromagnetic field, temperature, electrical resistance and speed of biochemical reactions.

While using the “KSD”, the doctor registers general characteristics of the electric wave spectrum, identifies changes in the body even at the stage of functional disorder and restores disturbed connections with waves. Almost no other clinical method allows to do that.