Innovations in medicine

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The Spectral Dynamic Complex (“KSD”) is a spectral dynamic technology of detection and correction of changes in the organs and tissues of the patient. The diagnostics is performed by comparing characteristics of wave spectra of the examined patient with fixed standard spectra of cells, tissues, organs and nosodes. This website contains information about the “KSD”, addresses and contacts of the official cabinets, information about doctors working with the “KSD” and information about the purchase of the “KSD”.

Innovations in medicine

Complex "KSD"

  • Diagnostics
  • Therapy
  • Prevention

The “KSD” allows you to accurately assess the status of all vital organs of the patient and timely diagnose even hidden pathological, including inflammatory, degenerative and toxic processes


Medical diagnostics and preventive examination on the basis of complex “KSD” can be conducted in several directions


With the help of “KSD” the doctor records the general electro-wave spectral characteristic, reveals changes in the body at the stage of functional disturbance and restores the broken connections by the wave method.


Visiting the cabinet several times a year, guarantees you health, excellent health and a great mood

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  • Dear Vasyl Vsevolodovych. Thank you a lot for your help to my relatives in overcoming their health problems. As it happens, I saw information about the SDC method in the newspaper and I decided to help my son-in-law who was undergoing a long and tiresome treatment after the injury. Even my own sister Tatyana decided to try a course of treatment. And the results were obvious – no more health problems. My last name is Lehkodukh, my son-in-law`s name is Holubnychy Dima and my sister`s name is Hanzha Tetyana. We all are very grateful for the provided assistance and very happy that there are such Healers in Ukraine. GOD grant you good health!

    Lehkodukh Leonid
  • GOD grant longevity, beauty and health to a super doctor – Avtukhova Olena Oleksandrivna!!!

    Bilous Viktor
  • I know Vasyl Vsevolodovych for 10 years now. It was he, Vasyl Vsevolodovych, who helped to solve health problems of all my family. I thank God that there is such a person and a doctor as Vasyl Vsevolodovych. God grant him health and benediction to cure people. All my family has the greatest respect and gratitude to him. We love you a lot.

  • It was in 2004 that I met Vasyl Vsevolodovych. Thank you for saving my life! As it happened, I got his phone number, called Vasyl Vsevolodovych and told him that I had been having a temperature of 39.5o for 2 weeks. I had a swelling under my right arm and it hurt a lot. During my first visit he reduced a fever to 37o and after the second visit the swelling of lymph nodes was gone.

    My physician didn`t believe me and told me that a 36-year old woman with the same diagnosis died at her health locality.
    Of all the doctors I will always visit only YOU, Vasyl Vsevolodovych

innovations in medicine


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